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Explore the creative industry in 5 simple steps

You might be one of the many people who aren't sure where they'd start to try and get into TV and Broadcasting... and that's why we're here to give you a taste! Completing our work experience will not only give you a better idea of the different career opportunities within the industry, but you’ll have gained valuable experience that you can bring with you, whatever career you end up in. This programme is just the start!

What's involved

There are 5 modules to complete, with 5 steps involved in each - all designed to give you more insight on the world of creative careers as well as insider information from people doing these jobs for real!

Pre-task Introduction

At the beginning of each module, you'll watch a short video that details exactly what this part of the programme is all about. You'll be tasked by a current Channel 4 Employee to complete an activity unique to their area of the business.

Complete your task

After watching the video, you'll get all the resources you need to be able to complete your task. This could include presentation layouts, industry glossaries and helpful information on what this area of the industry entails.

Upload your task

Once completed, you'll upload your task to your online portal, and then you're over half way there for this module!

Best practice advice

Watch your industry expert explain how they would have approached the task. Get best practice advice and consider if you approached the task in the same way, or what you could do differently.

Multiple choice quiz

For the last step of the module, we'll test what you've learnt. Submit your answers and that's the module complete!

The departments

Who's involved?

Each of the 5 modules focuses on a different team within Channel 4 that have their own unique impact on the creation of TV entertainment:

  1. Commissioning
  2. 4Studio
  3. Legal and Compliance
  4. Sales
  5. Consumer Insight

When is it?

This same work experience programme will run a total of 4 times between November 2022 and December 2023, giving you the chance to participate in the work experience at a time that suits you. You'll have 6 weeks to complete the programme from the day you register.

Registration opening dates

Programme 4


Registration window

  • Open

    Monday 04 September 2023
  • Close

    Friday 15 December 2023

Final Task Due: Friday 15 December 2023

Sign-up, places available!

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Starting Monday, 04 September 2023

Completion Deadline 15/12/2023 23:59:59


No! 4Skills Work Experience is a free virtual programme, run by Channel 4 and GetMyFirstJob.
You've got 6 weeks to complete all 5 modules. This timer starts once you begin the first module.
You can register on the website whenever you like - we'll keep in touch and let you know. Details about when individual programmes are open can be found here.
The programme is open to anyone aged 16 or older - but it will be particularly beneficial to you if you have less than 6 months of experience in the industry.
If you're a teacher or a careers advisor, and would like to talk about how your school can get involved, please get in touch with a member of the team at and they will be able to assist.
This programme is not a feeder into a role at Channel 4. However the skills and knowledge gained along the way provide excellent experience to add to your CV, and will allow you to explore what career pathway could be right for you.
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